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JADIS - Information System of Legal Entities Participants

The Information System of Legal Entities Participants (hereinafter referred to as the JADIS) is developed to collect and store data about legal entities participants by using information technology tools and to provide data to the natural and legal entities having the right to receive it.
The JADIS started operating in September 2014, and currently collects and stores data about shareholders of private limited-liability companies, members of small partnerships, part owners of public institutions, members of cooperatives companies (cooperatives), members and shareholders of agricultural companies.
Main functions of the JADIS are as follows:
  1. to enter data about participants of legal entities and form the lists of participants;
  2. to collect, process and manage the data about legal entities participants;
  3. to provide data and documents to natural and legal entities in the manner prescribed in the JADIS Regulations;
  4. to systemise, analyse and summarise the JADIS data; 
  5. to exchange data with other institutions.
More information on the JADIS is available on video.

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