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European Business Register

European business register

Would you like to find out who is the director of Slovenian company you intend to establish business relations with?

Or perhaps you need the exact address of your business partner in Estonia?

What is the current legal status of your bussiness partner in Norway?

Up-to-date and reliable information about companies is always welcome when concluding contracts or simply building stronger business contacts.

EBR is what you are looking for!

The European Business Register (EBR) is a European network for the exchange of business enterprise information. EBR makes official information about European companies available online all over Europe, across barriers that might arise due to differences in languages, technology or legislation.

The EBR provides easy access to European company information online fresh from the source - each country’s official register.

Data from across Europe is available through EBR in standardised reports. EBR currently offers 5 standard on-line products (Company Search, Company Profile, Company Appointments, Person Search, Personal Appointments). These products present company information from across Europe in a standardized format.

Additional information products are also available from various countries to reflect the wider range of information filed at their Registers. These include, articles of association, annual accounts, annual returns, balance sheets and profit & loss statements and others.

Company search in most countries is free of charges. Additional information has a fee. The charges for the EBR service vary among the different providers, according to national price policies. Payment must be done in advance.

To start using EBR services, please connect to the Selfservice of the Centre of Registers (Registrų centro savitarna).

More information about EBR and Member Countries of the EBR network can be found in EBR portal

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