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LEGAL ENTITY: Traditional religious community

  • Newly established (restored) traditional religious communities and associations acquire legal personality after the management thereof notifies in writing the Ministry of Justice of establishment (restoration) and the continuity of traditions of a particular community or association is determined according to its canons, charter and other norms;
  • Traditional religious communities and associations are legal entities (Article 2.37 of the Civil Code); therefore, inclusion thereof into the Register of Legal Entities does not correspond to the moment of establishment.

The application for inclusion of a traditional Lithuanian religious community and legal entities established by them for attainment of the same religious goals is drawn up and submitted to the Administrator of the Register by the Ministry of Justice.

Documents to be submitted to the State Enterprise Centre of Registers:

1. Form JAR-2
PDF formatasPDF 204 Kb / DOC formatasDOC 126 Kb

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