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State Enterprise Centre of Registers



Self-Service of the Centre of Registers where you can get electronic services in English.


News about the changes at the Centre of Registers, products and services.
International Cooperation

International Cooperation

Information about the international cooperation of the Centre of Registers, participation in the international events, projects and exchange of experience with foreign partners.
EU Projects

EU Projects

The European Union projects where the Centre of Registers takes part.

Information about the sub-system of beneficial owners (JANGIS)

A subsystem of the Information System of Legal Entities Participants (JADIS) where data about the beneficial owners of legal entities is stored.



Application forms, Customer Service Units of the Centre of Registers, their working hours, addresses and other contact information. 

State Enterprise Centre of Registers (SECR) is a public entity of limited civil liability incorporated by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania on the basis of the State-owned property on 8 July 1997.
Our mission is to meet the needs of society by managing the entrusted State information resources in an efficient and reliable manner.

Our vision is to be a world’s leading enterprise in managing the State information resources and providing services based on them.

  • Professionalism
  • Cooperation
  • Responsibility
Main functions
  • Administration of state registers: the Real Property Cadastre and Register, the Population Register, the Register of Legal Entities, the Address Register, the Mortgage Register, the Register of Property Seizure Acts, the Register of Wills, the Register of Marriage Settlements, the Register of Powers of Attorney, the Register of Legally Incapable Persons and Persons with Limited Legal Capacity and the Register of Contracts and information systems
  • Creation, development and administration of information systems
  • Registration of residents, legal entities, real property and rights to real property, addresses, etc. 
  • Maintenance of digital real property cadastre map and performance of cadastral surveys
  • Mass valuation of real property, real property market research, compilation and publishing of valuation maps
  • Preparation and provision of statistical data, official information, etc.
Managing bodies

Institution exercising owner’s rights and duties – Ministry of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania
Collegial managing body – Board
Sole managing body – Director General

Central unit in Vilnius ensuring efficient operation of its administered registers, designing and introducing new information systems in order to provide quality services and create added value to the State and its citizens, and supervising the operation of regional units.

3 Regional Customer Service Centres organising the operation of customer services offices, ensuring smooth and qualitative service delivery, setting and implementing customer service quality assurance standards.
50 Customer Service Offices providing relevant services to people and businesses throughout Lithuania in a qualitative and convenient manner.
10 local working places of archivists, registrars and cadastre processors ensuring smooth, efficient and quality document storage, registration process, keeping of cadastres.

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