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Addresses in the Republic of Lithuania are allocated by municipalities and registered in the Address Register. Lithuania is undergoing a lengthy process to allocate addresses to all administrative units, residential areas, local administrative districts (wards), streets, buildings and premises. 

The primary purpose of allocating addresses to objects and registering them is to ensure the uniqueness of address. The central database of the Address Register is being constantly updated on the basis of data and documents, which are obtained from other data providers. 

Data in the Address Register are stored both in textual and graphical form. The Register answers not only whether a certain object exists, but also where such object is located. One of the main tasks in developing the Register information system is to link textual Register data with geographic co-ordinates. This will offer more opportunities for using address data, which is important for planning services and goods logistics, rendering operational and emergency services, delivering various tax notices and goods, providing postal and courier services. 

The search and address location service is publicly available and free of charge. Data sets or ull copy of the database of the Register can be acquired on the commercial basis.

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